Demister I Unit 9in

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The original marine crankcase breather. Suitable for up to 1,500 HP (1,100 kW).

Clean up your engine room! Stop the oil drip from the engine breather.

The original marine crankcase breather. Generally suitable for up to 1,500 HP (1,100 kW).

Removes oily most from engine breather system. Eliminates messy oil build-up on the engine and avoids oily fumes from collecting on and in the turbo and exhaust blanks. This keeps the air inlet system clean and stops the sludge build-up on the turbo blades, air pipes, and on the after and/or intercooler. This sludge has been known to plug and aftercooler over 50%, causing smoke and loss of performance.

Special oleophilic foam absorbs oil. Easily replaceable from the top with an approximately 500 hour service life. 

A sump in the bottom collects oil with an easy to use 1/4 NPT drain.

An alarm can be added that will tell when the sump neds draining. The alarm also gives early warning for over-full crank case due to broken or loose fuel jumper lines to the injectors.

Connects easily to the engine breather system.

Fastens down to the engine room with four screws or bolts (not included).

Replaceable Buna N cover gasket.

Maintains and insures your engine efficiency.

The demister breather system is made of strong fireproof steel that has been epoxy primed for a non-corrosive unit. The cover is cast aluminum with epoxy coating. Latches are stainless steel and are spring loaded for constant sealing pressure. In case of fire, the unit will not add fuel to the fire.

The unit has been engineered for many years of service and will remain operable and dependable for the life of your engine. It has been factory tested and field proven.

Includes two 1-1/4" inlets and one 1-3/4" outlet. The DEM I requires a 9-1/2" square pad to mount to and measures 14" high, including the inlet and outlet pipes.

Sump capacity is approximately two quarts.

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